April 7, 2020

Newark International Film Festival Screening of “Dope Fiend” A Ron Elliot Film

“Dope Fiend” a film by Ron Elliot is an electrifying film that will keep your eyes glued to the screen and your wheels turning as the storyline unfolds. The film set in the belly of the beast Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. In the middle of gentrification a Brooklyn drug dealers finds himself involved in more than the hustle when shady landlords and corrupt businessmen put their ears to the streets. “Dope Fiend” took home a winning title in the 2016 Newark International Film Festival and has took off since then. “Dope Fiend” has screened various private screenings and now available across all streaming sites! I highly suggest you go check out this film. Its loaded with layers and so unpredictable you will not be disappointed.

Links to The Film: Apple Itunes

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Newark Film Festival hosted a mixer and screening of “Dope Fiend” this past Friday giving film critics, industry professionals, and movie enthusiasts another chance to view the film.  The night was filled raffles, food and an awesome Q&A with writer and producer Ron Elliot. Submissions open and tickets are now on sell for the 2019 Newark International Film Festival.  Visits www.newarkiff.com for more information.

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