April 7, 2020

Culture of Cannes

I sat down with Nydia Simone to talk about her film The Lost Book of Rap and hear her perspective on the Cannes Film Festival as a filmmaker in the Short Film corner. Simone mentioned her previous experience at the Cannes Film Festival as an intern, and how that experience helped her to learn the business and to become more comfortable in Cannes, which we all know can be overwhelming the first visit, or even for those who go to the festival every year.


As a second time Cannes Film Festival attendee she says, “Cannes is definitely a culture.” She elaborates to say that “it’s about just being, it’s not about trying to network…it’s just being.” As Cannes is the place where people in the film industry from all parts of the world congregate, it is the perfect place for young filmmakers to gain inspiration, familiarity with the ins and outs of film, and just take the time to soak up the environment.


By Maya Kirby

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